Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012 - Two girls in t-shirts

I think this sketch was done in Park Estrella in Lisbon, Portugal, but I'm not entirely sure anymore. I do have a lot of sketches from both Paris and Lisbon, and a few from Porto as well.

Last week I was clearly out my spare bedroom of superfluous clutter - is there any other kind - and came across big folders full of drawings I'd forgotten about. Life studies, landscapes, what have you. I must have THOUSANDS of original pieces in my house at this stage. At some point I will need to catalogue all of them - sigh. Will have to take a day and start recording them. And I also have loads of sketchbooks ...

What do you do when you have so much stuff? I will simply have to google exhibiting works on paper, and then break down those works according to subject matter: life studies, nudes, landscapes, and so on. I was thinking of putting some of the smaller ones together into collections as handmade books and selling those - and of course doing a printable Blurb books version also, to record it. I don't want my work to be lost, or worse, claimed by someone else. (That nearly happened to a friend of mine years ago at art college during her foundation year - she had done a really good colour study and it was stolen, she reported the theft and the colour study piece was returned. She never found out who did it, but it was speculated that the person who nicked it was hoping to use it to get into another art college. And competition in colleges is only getting ever more intense.) But I do want people to enjoy it.

I'm also thinking about the technology available to use with my work, slide shows and what have you. How do you convert a PowerPoint presentation into a YouTube film? Something to look into, all tips from viewers and followers gratefully received.

Oh, and Happy 2013.

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