Monday, December 3, 2012

Ancient Rome in Paris

Paris 2010: Watching the re-enactment at the Arène

Another watercolour sketch, sketched on location and painted later, this was done in Paris and the people were engrossed in watching the re-enactment of a battle between tribes from the Roman era of Paris. I don't think many people realise that Paris was already founded during the days of the ancient Roman Empire and that there were many more ancient Roman ruins in the area, but the Arène in the Jardin des Plantes quarter is the only really Roman bit left. Aside from the re-enactors, there seemed to be a lot of local kids very keen on playing football - it was a big space - and some people there to talk about why the ancient Roman arena was excavated, once it was realised during the 1800s that it was actually there. 

I love visiting Paris. I've always found the locals to be friendly, the food lovely, the atmosphere very enjoyable. It's a lovely city to wander around. 

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