Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Standing nude double in pencil with another artist in the backgroun

This is another one from the Limerick Printmakers life-drawing sessions. One of the perks of long poses is that you can often get other stuff in there too, and this I enjoyed. What would have been ever more fun would have been if I could have seen the other artist's drawing as well, and included that. But I just didn't think of it at the time.

I was looking through folders of work recorded, and thinking that surely I took more photographs of pieces last summer and where were they? Well, they hadn't been processed yet, tidied up with PhotoShop. That's another hour or so some wet and cold evening when I can't do any work either in my garden or on paintings.

I was talking with Sadbh Lyons who runs the gallery on Bedford Row in Limerick city, where three of my paintings are currently located, and once again, my painting Aventine Wedding is getting people talking. Apparently a man was looking at it and started talking about weddings and thinking about the dynamics of the people in weddings and marriages and it all got very philosophical ... he was nattering on for about 20 minutes, and she really tried to close a sale, but alas .... close but no banana, as some would say. But he might come back. With money. Here's hoping.

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