Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eigse Carlow 2012

Last spring I submitted some work to Eigse Carlow, not for the first time, but this time the work was accepted for the Art Festival around the town. There was a theme: Civilising the Wilderness. So I went off and thought about and came up with The Coming of Pan I and II. 

My idea was that wilderness cannot truly be civilised, but it can be interpreted, recorded and mapped. I took photos of the ditches on the road by my house, as these are teeming with wildlife all year round, and Pan's conversation with the young girl from James Stephens' novel The Crock of Gold  - a very enjoyable read - and put them together as below. The photographs I photoshopped for a stronger contrast, then attached to tracing paper so I could get the line with fine black pen. The effect is not unlike mapping something. Finally, I added the paper with the text to the bottom, and attached the whole lot to a firm backing (i.e. cardboard, which I have in abundance around my house) and sent it off. I them promptly forgot about it until they e-mailed me back and said they wanted to include among the works shown around the town. Nice.

I'll do something for next year also. 

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