Monday, September 24, 2012

Pen sketch: Waiting for the flight

According to my notes, this drawing was done in a small airport (thank you Ryanair) outside of Barcelona, but not Barcelona Airport itself. Departure lounges are full of people sitting around and snoozing slightly, especially early in the morning.

The Art on the Rails in Limerick City was interesting. Prices varied from so-so to totally outrageous, the quality of the work varied also. While I didn't sell anything - and I wasn't out to sell, but just to get work seen, selling would have been a lovely bonus - I did get an invitation to hang work in one of the city centre galleries. Nice. Will go sort that out soon.

I have also been thinking about the Milk Market in Limerick, and wondering how to go about organising an art fair in there. Attempts have been made to do a weekly art fair, when a monthly one would be better in Limerick, if it's staggered with monthly art fairs in other places like Ennis, Cork, Galway, etc. And then it would be better to try and maintain a certain standard of work ... no, I think I'd leave that to the people who like doing that kind of thing! I'll just go and do what I need to do and continue to make more work.

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