Monday, August 20, 2012

Post Rose Fashion Show and Netherlands versus Brazil, 2010

I nearly forgot to come and check my stats here today, simply because I am WRECKED from being down in Tralee last night at the Rose of Tralee Festival Fashion Show. My other half Dolf was the photographer for the Holman-Lee Agency in Limerick, who provided the models for the show. There were some pretty spectacular items on show also, only proof that tough economic times only spur on amazing creativity.

But I still have to do some work on the day job today, no rest for the wicked. But before I do, an image ....

Or indeed, two of them, from the watercolour drawings series I drew in Porto and painted back home in Ireland. I'm not a fan of soccer or football or whatever it's called, but whatever gets people sitting down and focused on something so they don't notice me drawing them is good.

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