Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And we're back!

Well, the push-through was good. I have since done another landscape piece on paper like that one, and also had the brainwave to do TWO sheets at the same time with a second bit of carbon paper, so I have a drawing I can work on with watercolour paint. :-)

And today I went out to the shed with a canvas and new brushes and worked on a little painting I started a few months back and FINISHED IT - yay! Had good light today so I could see it much better. And I started two new ones, haha! So I will be posting some more images over the next few days.

Lately I've come across the painter Marc Chagall a lot, I liked his works in college, so I might do some more investigation into this artist and his work. Apparently he was a Russian Jew from a tradition in which painting the human figure was frowned upon, they didn't like the whole figurative representation, something to do with God being the only one who should get a shot at making versions of humans. Or something weird like that.

Now off to my garden to do some digging and weeding. Apparently we are in for a few days of summer in Ireland, so I won't be spending much time behind the computer for the rest of the week. Hopefully.

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