Monday, July 23, 2012

A little one .... Tournafulla Christmas Concert.

 Oil on canvas, 40x40 cm.

Okay, sorry for mentioning the dreaded C word in July. I apologise. Last year someone mentioned it in my hearing in September and I nearly had a canary. But I wanted to post up a painting I hadn't shown yet ...

I love going to communities like Tournafulla - which, if you're interested, is in a valley in the hills of West Limerick, and not far from Newcastle West. It's very pretty. It's one of those places that you find when you make a wrong turn, and go off the main road, and are looking for someplace else ...

We got to know some people from there through the Irish traditional music, my other half Dolf Patijn includes among his many talents considerable skill as a musician and in particular the bodhrán. I loved getting random shots of the people there, and have used them for many paintings.

I think that some evening soon, if we ever get another day of summer here in Ireland, I will take the car and go for a drive up there, and get some shots of the landscape - there is one particular place with a stunning view of the northern slopes of the Ballyhoura Mountains, and you can see a bit of the Galtee Mountains too

When the rain clears and you can actually see it, you realise why so many think Ireland is pretty, and why the landscape was such an inspiration to writers like Walter Macken. 

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