Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today's job: Taking pictures of pictures

Today I am taking pictures of pictures - either scanning smaller pieces, or photographing larger pieces. I kind of have the tendency to shove works on paper back into the storage portfolio as soon as they are dry instead of setting them up to be recorded. So now I have to do a fairly substantial pile of the things - but at least it means I will have lots available to post on here.

And another thing on the famous list is handmade books, which is a good idea for many of my drawings as I have so many of the same format, and they tend to fit in themes of travel and countries. I recently spent an enjoyable morning googling techniques of making handmade books, which triggered a whole lot of other ideas - books of original watercolour landscapes, anyone? Ahem, I have to go make the things first .... one step at a time.

I'm pretty sure I'm heading for books and illustration anyway. So let's see what happens. 

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