Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting, walking, pilates, and more ....

Today I got down to it and prepared some boards for painting with acrylic paint, and worked on one acrylic on board that's been languishing for a while. Am just going to lash into it, as my college friend Donal used to say. I also did some work on five watercolour drawings, not all of them are done yet, but I find that the less-is-more approach works best with them, especially if I've managed to record something really interesting in the drawing.

And off I went for my brisk walk and then pilates, was just looking at pictures of myself taken a few years back and thinking it's time to lose a few kilos again. Moderation in food, lots of physical activity, and plenty of toning for the middle.

And while I was walking, I across Christina Aguilera on my MP3 player. Talk about vocal gymnastics, that woman is an incredible singer. In a way it's a pity, because now is an era of The Look, the voice is not nearly as important. Lady Gaga, herself another great singer, has raised the bar for The Look of things in a major way, not a bad thing in itself, and Christina Aguilera is not lacking in the looks department herself, but her strongest talent is her incredible vocal range and ability, and people seem to forget this. She makes me want to get back in there and start doing scales and things, but of course she's a whole different level ... I can't help thinking how much fun it would be to have a Burlesque flashmob someplace in Limerick some evening with that song that ends the film .... the energy, the glamour.

Anyway. Back to reality. Shower, shampoo and off to run errands. 

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