Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Decade, Friars Gate Theatre and Arts Centre, Killmallock, County Limerick

Well, the paintings are there, all hung, Maurice is off composing a brilliant speech about my art and artistic sensibilities, the price list and bio is being printed off, and people are texting me to ask me when it's on.

All very exciting.

The paintings I have decided to hang are:

Ballyneale 2002

The Wrenboys 
Knockfierna Rambling House
Two in a Crowd
Dún na Gréine: Italian and French
Family Constitutional

Plus a four other new ones that I haven't got a decent picture of yet, including a delightful oil pastel drawing of Knockfierna that I had completely forgotten about. I ended up hanging only two of the four landscapes I painted for the occasion, one still needs work, and the other one looks great but the bloody canvas went wonky on me, so I'll have to get it into a box frame. But they can go to my other galleries ... :-)

And to find out more about the venue, here's the website:

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