Thursday, February 17, 2011


Absolutely thrilled to report that I have had nearly 5000 unique visitors to my blog, and have 31 followers. This is a huge jump since the start of this year!

If you have shared the link with friends, thank you so much. And please keep on sharing ....

I'm painting up some lovely sketches I did on watercolour paper in Paris last September, and will put a few of those up in celebration. Can't help thinking of them as 21st-Century Impressionism!!!! Especially in consideration of Renoir and Degas.

I've also heard back from the Art Library in New York, the sketchbook has been received and will be going on tour in the US - yay! I wonder if there is such a project in Ireland, if not, what a pity - maybe there should be. Hm.

And have the most brilliant idea for a painting .... and a nice largeish canvas to do it on.

Orla is a happy camper today, despite not having sold any art for months.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More oil paintings

Alone in a Crowd, 90x60cm, 2005

Getting Change at the Bar, 90x60cm, 2005

Returned Speculation, 90x60cm, 2005

I'd forgotten about these. Amazing what you find when you go tidying! 

These are composites taken from sketches done in pubs in County Limerick during 2004/2005. I'm not so wild about them now, but it's good to see where I've moved on. 

For sale: €800 plus shipping costs each.