Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to the Source! Opening postponed to 10 December 2010

I'm delighted to say that I've been asked back to show paintings in The Source Arts Centre in Thurles, County Tipperary. They specifically asked for this painting:

It's mixed media with acrylic, collage, and a bit of a pait of jeans on there - I was experimenting - but the drawings are all from Dún na Gréine, in that I drew them there as I was watching lots of people watch a Harry Potter film, and the title of the piece is, of course, Accio Firebolt, and Harry Potter fans will know exactly what it refers to.

I love the Harry Potter series, and am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to the next film, which is coming out very soon. In fact, I might write a blog about it. Hm.

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