Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And the show WILL go on ....

Irish people are reeling at the thought of having to take an IMF handout, and cuts in pay and all that, which is understandable, and then there are the Drama Queens both in and out of government who are working themselves into all kinds of unnecessary frenzies ....

This too shall pass, people. And life will go on.

Generally I neither ask for nor receive funding from government sources, so I'm still going to be doing what I always do, which is fund my own art. The only thing that is likely to change is that I will find even fewer gallery set-ups available, but this doesn't mean there won't be places to show my work. If there's one thing artists have more than pretty much any other profession, it's resourcefulness. They find ways, or make ways, to get their work out there and into the public eye. All they - we - want is a little moral support from art lovers, and the occasional financial incentive in the form of a sale wouldn't go amiss either.

Spraoi VIII

And so in defiance of the melodramatic rantings coming out of the radio, and as a homage to the people who live in Ireland who have worked hard and who also party hard, this painting is Spraoi VIII, because it's people like that who will continue to work and do what they do and through them and their vision and work ethic that this economic turmoil will eventually settle down again.

I am sick of the gloom and doom, and the rantings that feature words like 'never' and 'destitute' and 'leaving', and I am sick of the mud-slinging going on among the politicians especially. But at the same time, I feel a bit sorry for them, as maintaining that kind of high-end melodrama must be exhausting. Nevertheless I am well aware that these performances are  in preparation for the next election, which is looking increasingly imminent. And that shall pass ....

I welcome a change, even though it brings with it uncertainty. Even in uncertainty there's hope, as changes bring new opportunities.

The party may be over, but this doesn't mean that all parties are over, forever and ever. Far from it. And I wish that those Drama Queens on the radio would remember that.

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