Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy but saying hello, and the Blueberry Gallery, Limerick

I've been very remiss about posting here lately, I've been a bit busy with text work, the work that pays for painting.

But I now have 18 friends on my blog, which is very nice. Nice to have had you for the past while, and welcome to the most recent friends.

I'm also pleased to say that I was commissioned last April to do a small painting for a lady who lives here locally and with whom I do business (she supplies my home heating oil), and it's nearly ready to deliver, I will be picking it up from the framer's on Monday.

The same framer is actually part of the Blueberry Gallery in Limerick city, they did work for me earlier on this summer and I was really impressed with the quality of the work - good framing can make a good painting look fantastic, while bad framing does nothing at all for it. I'm also delighted with the two people who run it, Maurice and Ailish, they are both charming people and don't seem to let life or economics get to them too much. Maurice actually took it upon himself to propose several of his artists, including myself, for the Irish Percent for Art Scheme in one of the Limerick universities, and anyone who has ever done this for themselves knows how stressful this kind of thing is for ONE artist, and Maurice did it for SIX artists that I know of. So I course I really hope that his efforts pay off for him and the gallery, I have my fingers crossed for that. And naturally it would be lovely if one of my pieces were chosen also.

The Blueberry Gallery is on the Ennis Road opposite the Clarion Suites hotel, and very easy to find as it is well sign-posted, so if you are in the mood for a good banter and talking about art and life in general, stop by for 10 minutes. I am sure you'll stay longer.

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