Monday, February 22, 2010

Updates ....

This painting entitled Sisters Dún na Gréine is included in an exhibition to raise funds for earthquake survivors in Haiti. The exhibition is on in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland, upstairs in the Narrow Space Gallery in Mitchell street, the town's only pedestrian street. The entire exhibition looks fantastic, and I was itching because there were a few paintings in there that I loved and would have been delighted to bring home. However, like every other freelancer and artist out there, I'm broker than broke.

But! ... I am delighted to share that the Mad Art Gallery on Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, contacted me after I sent them some jpgs, and asked to meet me, and would I bring Rummaging with me, so I brought it and 5 other paintings, think that MAYBE I'd be able to sweet-talk them into taking a couple more. To my surpise and delight she took ALL SIX!! for a group show the gallery are holding in March. The gallery had a group show recently and sold several works, kudos to them. It's artist-run, and I don't think I would be too interested in going for any other kind of small gallery anymore.

But the ones she took are:
Cliffs of Moher: Sitting Among Boys
Cliffs of Moher: Spanish Picture
Mirror Maze: Diorama
Sailing to Ischia I
Sailing to Ischia II
Cliffs of Moher: Rummaging.

So I'm thrilled!

And one last thing, before I forget: I've started a new series of paintings based on the Spraoi festival in Waterford city, Ireland. It is a brilliant festival, my intent is to celebrate the exhuberance I witnessed there.

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