Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hand on hip, pencil study.

I remain interested in the human body, and in my most recent life-drawing sessions, tried to concentrate on the hands. Arms, legs, torso I can do, but hands are still something of a challenge, what with their intricate bone structure, muscles, and the thought that our hands are such an expressive extension of our minds.

I'm also mindful that I'm using my hands to draw hands, and find I'm looking at my own hands just as much as the models. And it's not just the fingers, there's also the range of motion possible in the wrist and elbow and shoulder - this always affects the curve of a line, and there is the very reason why very few people can draw a straight line, myself included. (As an aside, I wonder if the 'I can't draw a straight line' actually means 'I don't really know anything about the development of art', because art developed as we did, and is so much a part of us that it is difficult to define at the best of times.) Years ago as a teenager I played the piano, not very well because I was not very interested in it, but playing the piano makes you so aware of your hands, and I'm reminded of it every time I draw or look at images of hands.

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