Monday, May 11, 2009


Now got 4 new little ones out being painted. Nearly finished with one of them, just got to work on the hands of one of the figures.

Also have one of those fake wooden hands, and find myself thinking about drawing and painting that .... hm.

Have decided to bring out some of my landscapes to show to a gallery, I do have older ones and they still look good, and they are taking up space ... so I'll show her some of them and see what she thinks.

I also need to check out a new gallery in a village not too far from here, I want to see whether these new entrepreneurs are mad or brave or both.

Great weather outside today. We are thinking of going to Ballybunion tomorrow afternoon after work, the evenings are getting so long and the weather has been so nice. Must bring things to draw with.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oldest Rock

Oldest Rock (in Europe), Dunquin, County Kerry.

I did this the summer before I went to art college, so in 2001.

Starbucks, Passeig de Gracia

Pen drawing on watercolour paper

I enjoyed my second visit to Barcelona far more than the first one.

Drawings and a reason to mark an occasion

Woman on the Lido, pencil/paper, 2008

I came online this morning with the intention of marking the occasion of having visitors from 60 different countries on this site, only to discover that people from 62 different countries have been! Thank you all, and thank you also to, a website that has given me lots of ideas and even more exposure.

I have 3 canvases outside being worked on, and my other illustration project also - but I haven't really made as much headway on that as I would like.

However, I thought I'd upload some more images .....