Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Shannon Estuary

I'm going to a small local Arts Festival on a town on the Shannon Estuary this evening, and I'm looking forward to it: the Askeaton Arts Festival. They started it up a few years ago, probably under the Small Festivals Scheme that's funded by the Irish Arts Council, I'm not sure.

I've seen dolphins swimming in this estuary, and I've heard of whales in the vicinity also. And the wild birds .... one side is Limerick, the other is Clare, and when I made the drawing for this I was on the Limerick side looking over. I think the best bit of the Clare side is Loop Head, but best experienced if you have no sense of smell because the wild bird guano creates the most horrendous stench .... and the best bit of the Limerick side is Ballybunion, although strictly speaking that's in County Kerry, but it has this amazing cliff walk, and wonderful beach, as well as a world-famous golf course. But the best bit in County Limerick is Carrigogunnel Castle, from which you have a fantastic view down the estuary.

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