Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crossing the strange area between figurative and abstract

This one still scares me a bit. I remember just doing it very quickly, then stepped back and thought 'I have created .... something.' I walked away from it and down to the college library, and came back to it, and thought again ' .... something'.

It is in fact a painting of a white mask I made with plaster of Paris using a balloon. It's an odd shape, and doesn't sit well on any physical face. But this image is large, about four meet long, that's about a metre and a quarter, and its size makes it .... something.

I tried to transfer it to canvas, but couldn't get the psychic otherworldliness a second time, so I have kept the original acrylic on paper.

One of the things that fascinate me about masks is the notion that you take an inaminate object, put it on your face, and a third entity is created. Another thing you have to ask yourself about a mask is does it hide your true personality, or does it reveal the true you? Or both?

I'm not sure whether this is figurative or abstract, neither, or both - or just some weird no-man's land in between them.

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