Thursday, June 5, 2008


I suppose if I really wanted to be commercial, I'd do more pieces like this one. Naturally it sold in Dublin when I exhibited it there. It's 150 x 75 cm, so long .... and the fun was in the working of the paint.

While I like nostalgia, I hate when it crosses the line into slushy sentimentalism. Gak.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Orla..Nice prints..a little different that I remember seeing at the other shows, etc. You are still one very talented lady!! My best
to both you and Dolf.

Don't think we will make it over this year due to Bush's extensive spending during the past 8 years!! Hopefully things will begin to improve in November or in January. It's been a long haul. Maybe prices will go back to what they were 8 years ago and we can return.
Will return again soon!