Monday, May 26, 2008

Central Bank: Sisters (Dun na Greine)

The one that caught her eye. This little one was in the Christmas Show at the Access to Arts gallery in Dublin city centre ( Again, the light made me want to paint it.

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william said...

this is my favourite of what i've seen so far, it holds a certain sadness for me, the fact that its a close up of a seemingly larger image suggests that these two figures hold an importance, but only in retrospect, that at first the over all image is what was deemed important but then something happened to make these two girls be enlarged and cropped for center stage (or perhaps mantlepiece) afterwards. For me it suggests the state of melancholia that we see in cctv footage in which we see someone in their last moments of innocence. With their faces turned away from us it seems they're already swept away within the swift path of their 'fate' which seems to encroach on the very borders of the frame and yet continues to evade our simple question of what happens next?