Monday, August 14, 2017

Making the most of lemons: A happy accident with photography

Last week when we had a young Dutch visitors over, we went on a few excursions, including one to a place I'd never been: Mizen Head in West Cork.

I counted 7 fabulous beaches, lots of mountains, some amazing wetlands, incredibly lush vegetation - located right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, so obviously lush and colourful - a very cool signalling centre and lighthouse accessible by footbridge, and one Star Wars location on Brow Head.

We went for a little walk to Three Castles Head (go to TripAdvisor for my review) and I honestly did not realise my settings on my camera were set all wrong, and my shots that day were much too exposed.  But I set about salvaging what I could with Photoshop, as I can still use a lot of the shops for paintings. But there were a few that made for marvellous images anyway, and here's one:

So yeah, a happy accident. Click on the image, all the white is the wall of the building in the signalling centre for the lighthouse at Mizen Head. It was a glorious, sunny day - just my luck, if it had been the usual morose, sombre weather for Ireland, they'd have looked a bit more normal, and I would probably have seen in the viewfinder that something was wrong. But when you get lemons, use the lemons. 

Another image I played with: 

Fun to do, and some lessons learned, the first one being: always check your camera settings before snapping. And perhaps I should look into getting the glass cover of my viewfinder replaced. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Charlie and daisies and a link to framed works.

Here's a ling for you to follow to see examples of my paintings and drawings looking all pretty in their fresh little frames!

This will take you to page in my Google Drive I've made accessible to others. Enjoy.

And here's a picture of my lovely tomcat Charlie, watching something moving at in the dark at the end of the garden.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Novohal Cove

So we went on another mini road trip, this time to east County Cork and found this very pretty cove called Novohal Cove which is grand until you start walking on the treacherously slippery rocks .... quite dangerous. And then there's a section of the cliff that is signposted as 'could collapse at any time', so, yeah .... While we were there I did an oil past sketch of the bit of cliff I could see from the lookout point on the left (there was a path up to it, and a great view into the neighbouring cove, which is only accessible if you're a rock climber or a sea bird) and Dolf got quite excited because he thought he spotted some sea eagles, so while it's not a great place to bring kids, it's pretty special ....

I'm thinking I might do a painting based on this photograph. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lough Gur Fern

I was looking through some works and decided to bring this painting back to DraĆ­ocht in Adare - we all like it, and everyone who sees it thinks it's kind of sweet - plus it's probably the best example of my own gaze, that I mentioned in my previous post: A man and his child just out enjoying the shores of the lake, the child playing with a bit of fern she'd pulled from the forest floor.

That day we went there was a Sunday afternoon and a lot of locals were out enjoying the autumn sunshine. I would imagine that Dad here had his hands full with the little girl, as little kids and large bodies of water can be a dangerous combination, and there were swans on the water that were simply fascinating ....